didn’t make a penny of money or personal advantage with the efforts to address issues such as Eugenics on Nature (GMO). On the contrary, he had to endure unnatural slander and his home, personal belongings and businesses were destroyed, resulting in significant losses.

  • has helped to expose pedophilia (raping of children) in Justice, among other things.
  • has performed an intellectual strategy on behalf of Nature (Eugenics on Nature, GMO).
  • has addressed the issue of forensic psychiatry on behalf of free will.

Who will stand for Nature when it concerns interests that may lay beyond the scope of short term profit? Who will protect free will when faced with a trillion USD industry led movement that seeks to replace retributive justice with psychiatry?

is independent, neutral and does not have political, ideological or religious interests or motives.

About the HBR butterfly cover in 2020

Image © HBR 2020

Since this websites addresses the paranormal it might be of interest to describe an experience related to the Harvard Business Review butterfly cover that is used on the front page of this website. The author of has been a reader of HBR since early 2000's and his favourite part always had been the 'cases' on the end.

In 2020 after the attack on my home I received a paranormal dream that showed a large group of thousands of CEO's in a circle position directed towards something big higher in the sky in front of them that demanded attention from everyone. It was as if some of the CEO's grabbed me, dragged me into their dream and threw me behind them in line (with the front rows perhaps consisting of hundreds of people) to watch what they all were looking at higher in the sky.

I mentally attempted to stay away from it since I had no special interest or reason for attention (I didn't know what the thousands of CEO's were looking at and I didn't know that it were CEO's).

I merely cooperated shortly while noticing the mental expression of some of the CEO's involved and then leaving. The expression that I witnessed was "Oh no, again? What's so important that we all should be giving our attention to this time?"

I didn't think anything of it. In the dream I simply stayed clear of it while respectfully having noticed the mental expression of the people that draw me into that experience.

A short time later when I drove with my electric scooter in my home's street of Utrecht - a very busy and romantic shopping street - I noticed a couple of which the woman wore a big oldfashion butterfly hat. I drove past them and noticed in the mirror that the woman became indignant with the expression: "this is it?".

I didn't respond to what I noticed but I drove past an ancient Jewish church that I had viewed the past day and I had then considered that I would take a closer look at the text on the building. I shortly doubted if I would have a look and then a butterfly flew from above me before my helmet backwards in the direction of the Jewish church.

The butterfly made me brake and that turned the decision in favour of visiting the church instead of driving on. I am not sure whether I would have braked otherwise but I might have anyhow. The butterfly came at the exact moment that I would have made a decision.

When I drove back to the Jewish church about 100 meters back I started to watch the text and the butterfly was then hopping up and down from left to right above the words in the text on the building, as if it was dictating the words, and then flew upwards and flew away over the church.

Springweg 162/164, Utrecht - Synagoge Springweg 162/164, Utrecht - Synagoge

I had noticed that the couple that I noticed before was standing 10 meters behind me and were watching the building as well. I shortly looked back at them and the woman with the butterfly hat made a wide gesture as being amazed while the man looked in an other direction, laughing exuberantly with regard the amazement of the woman, and took emotional control of the situation. I then drove away in the other direction as that I was originally travelling, having altered the path to my destination.