Not a penny of money or personal advantage was made with addressing several issues over the years. On top of it, my businesses, home and personal belongings were destroyed, I had to endure absurd and unnatural slander, violence and attempts were made by Justice and police to intimidate me which includes a serious orchestrated underhand death threat.

  • has helped to expose pedophilia (raping of children) in Justice, among other things.
  • has performed an intellectual strategy on behalf of Nature (Eugenics on Nature, GMO).
  • has addressed the issue of forensic psychiatry on behalf of free will.

Eugenics on Nature (GMO)

The critically addressing of the subject Eugenics on Nature (GMO and Nazi-ideology) caused Big Tech, Big Pharma, many fortune 500 companies and with it many politicians to corrupt.

Pedophilia in Justice

The addressing of the subject pedophilia in Justice caused politicians, Justice and police to corrupt.

Forensic psychiatry

The addressing of forensic psychiatry on behalf of free will caused even more corruption from politicians, Justice and police.

The corruption is profound, which is evident from the low attacks on my business and home.

Who will stand for Nature when it concerns interests that may lay beyond the scope of short term profit? Who will protect free will when faced with a trillion USD industry led movement that seeks to replace retributive justice with psychiatry?

is independent, neutral and does not have political, ideological or religious interests or motives.


is dedicated to promote advancements in philosophy of mind, origin of life, consciousness and fundamental philosophy on behalf of morality.

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