Women in philosophy

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Women excluded from philosophy

Females have been structurally excluded from philosophy, which may help explain why advancements in morality and ethics on behalf of animals and Nature is lacking. Women have been thought throughout history that their place is not in philosophy.

“While there have been women philosophers since the earliest times, and a few were accepted as philosophers during their lives, almost no woman philosophers have entered the philosophical Western canon. Only in the past 25 years there has been a small change with the emergence of feminist philosophy.

Source: Wikipedia: Women in philosophy

When structural discouragement is embedded in philosophy’s history, women may avoid the study of philosophy for the purpose of self-protection, perhaps because they want to prevent being obligated to assume a feminist warrior mindset and become en-strangled in politics.

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Women may have key strengths that can be of vital importance for the future of humanity, which may require philosophy to unlock that potential. The lack of women in philosophy may have resulted in serious problems with intellectual evolution of human kind.

When males dominate philosophy, it may be logical that women remain structurally dominated by males in many other areas of humanity.

Manly animal ethics: “animals have no mind, torture them all you want

Philosopher René Descartes – “the father of modern philosophy” – argued that animals have no mind and that it is OK to torture them for one’s amusement. René Descartes would torture and dissect animals in his lectures, asserting over their cries of pain, that these cries were merely automatic reactions.

The influence of philosopher René Descartes on animal welfare lasts until today.

When women participated in philosophy, would the world be better? Would animals be treated better? Would there be better understanding of why it is important to have respect for Nature?

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Females and morality

The correlation between females and morality exists since ancient history.

Lady Justice is an allegorical personification of the moral force in judicial systems.

The origin of Lady Justice was Justitia, the goddess of Justice within Roman mythology. The personification of justice balancing the scales dates back to the goddess Maat, and later Isis, of ancient Egypt.

In ancient Egyptian religion, Ma’at is the Goddess of Truth, Wisdom, Justice and Morality. She represented leadership, philosophy and law.

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Females may offer valuable perspectives that males may not be as inclined to see. The fact that gods and sages are typically identified as ‘male’, shows how out-of-balance we are, and demonstrates a major skewing by males for control and domination.

When males dominate philosophy, it may be logical that women remain structurally dominated by males in many other areas of humanity.