nrc topman justice pedophile stumbled upon the fact that the head of the Dutch justice department was a pedophile that raped children, and that dozens of high judges raped children and were being protected.

Honest ‘whistle blowers’ that intended to bring the judges to justice, were slandered, intimidated and terrorized, their cases were denied. I included the subject, besides ‘GMO’ (eugenics on Nature) as part of the critical blog, with the reason being that the suppression of honest people matched the suppression of honest professors in psychiatry.

The Dutch minister Els Borst planned to unmask a pedophilia ring in the Government and was murdered by a psychiatric patient. According to sources she was murdered by the secret service of the Netherlands (AIVD), where she worked herself in the past.

The minister was an elderly woman and an active advocate of free choice for euthanasia, while the critical blog at that time actively opposed euthanasia by psychiatrists, a sensitive topic at that time. In essence, the minister was the primary opponent (enemy) of the critical blog at that time, on behalf of free choice for euthanasia (and euthanasia by psychiatrists for mental health problems).

The secret service of the Netherlands (AIVD) has been a severe enemy since, with attempts to destroy my reputation and businesses.

Pedophilia in the Government

Many judges and even the Chief Justice have raped children. Paedo-pornography was produced in the Palace of Justice in The Hague.

yvonne keulsSweet old lady Yvonne Keuls worked in a daycare in The Hague and discovered that some of her children were being raped by a judge. When she, as a sincere person, did everything in her power to have the judge prosecuted, she was vilified and terrorized.

Yvonne Keuls has lived in hell for more than 10 years. At one point she did not dare to leave her house for 4 months. She was spat in the face in the street by law enforcement officers and verbally threatened by the prosecutor.

The pedophile judge received early retirement and kindly shook hands with his colleagues during his retirement party.

“While pedo porn photos were produced in the Palace of Justice in the Hague, Justice looked the other way. And not the pedophile judge, but whistleblower Yvonne Keuls was slandered and threatened. Charges against the judge were dropped.”

The judge (Theo Reub) was never prosecuted and was allowed to retire early while Yvonne Keuls received threats.

The Minister of Justice was involved. It is already the 4th pedosexual judge in recent years to be protected by his colleagues and Justice.

Yvonne: “Minister Opstelten, who has always conspicuously protected the pedo judge Joris Demmink, was a friend of the judge.

I was reviled for suing a juvenile court judge as a whistleblower. It apparently did not matter that in the meantime it was someone who had committed the highest form of abuse of power against children.

Yvonne Keuls had a judge as a friend. The judge resigned in protest but did not dare to help Yvonne publicly when she was vilified. That broke her friendship with him.

Volkskrant: “It is an absolute injustice what happened”

Yvonne: Four months. It was September, I no longer dared to go out on the street. After all, it was people with power who attacked me.

Source: Volkskrant