Origin of Life

Empirical science has been unable as of today to explain the origin of life and consciousness and yet, it intends to steer to a determinism based perspective in which life is a deterministic chemical process and consciousness an illusion.

Eugenics on Nature or synthetic biology is said to be the greatest thing in science in the 21th century. With Eugenics on Nature, science intends to ‘redesign life’. Thus, without ever having been able to explain why life exists, science believes that it can become master of it.

A special on Synthetic Biology in The Economist (Redesigning Life, April 6th, 2019) provides perspective:

economist gmo eugenics nature synthetic biology 200Remaking life means automating biology

Those given to grand statements about the future often proclaim this to be the century of biology in the same way that the 20th century was that of physics and the 19th century was that of chemistry.

Reprogramming nature is extremely convoluted, having evolved with no intention or guidance. But if you could synthesize nature, life could be transformed into something more amenable to an engineering approach, with well defined standard parts.

It may not be possible to explain the origin of life using empirical science. Instead, it may require an explanation using metaphysics, a subject of philosophy that has increasingly lost interest in the past 100 years.

👽 Where are the aliens?

Most people in the modern world view life as something that is owned on an individual level, as something that can be taken with one during space travel. Popular films such as Star Trek and Star Wars have displayed a future in which humans travel through space.

Some scientists are wondering however: why is the Solar system and Earth not crowded with alien visitors? Why, after decades of space science, has no hint been found for the existence of extraterrestrial life?

Philosophy suppressed

The post-war era is considered to be an ‘anti-philosophy’ era in which philosophy was increasingly placed on a level comparable with that of religions. In a sense, while science originates from philosophy, science has attempted to overcome philosophy and intended to rid itself of any influence of philosophy, which includes morality.

space catRecently (2021) discovered that the farthest distance that an animal, insect or bacteria had travelled in space was the Moon and meanwhile trillions of USD were already invested for a manned mission to Mars in 2030.

Science it’s dogmatic influence on behalf of determinism, the ground upon which science envisions itself to become master of the Universe, has resulted in a such a repression that it was never considered that Earth life may be bound to a region around the 🌞 Sun.

Philosophy naturally would have posed the following questions:

  1. Is there at least one clue that Earth life is independent from the Solar system?
  2. On what basis is it valid to consider that life is like a fire that can be taken with one during space travel?

Based on these questions, the first thing to test would be whether Earth life can remain alive further away from Earth. Yet, as of 2021 it was never tested because mainstream science intends to steer to a perspective in which life is a deterministic chemical process and consciousness an illusion.

When life would be bound to a region around a star, it could explain why the Universe is not crowded with alien activity.

Banned on Space.com for questioning science 

On December 21st, 2021 was banned on Space.com after a post about the potential use of ESP for planet hunting / advancements in Cosmology (copy on a forum of Cambridge University, PDF backup).

Science resorts to suppression which is a form of corruption.

The ban on Space.com was not an incident.

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Theory for the origin of life

The quest into the origin of life is the same as the quest into the origin of consciousness (theoretical substantiation). Consciousness is to be considered a manifestation of the origin of life.

Basic logic makes it evident that consciousness can only manifest itself on the basis of information provided by the senses. Therefor, to explain the origin of consciousness is to explain the origin of sensing.

Sensing is primary and necessarily precedes conscious experience, which implies that the potential for subjective value equation cannot have preceded the senses.

Origin of sensing

Sensing necessarily requires a ‘qualitative distinguish-ability’ which is provided for by ‘valuing‘ (the origin of value).

The origin of valuing cannot be value (‘the essence of patternness‘) by the simple logical truth that the origin of value cannot be value itself. This implies that valuing cannot find its origin on the level of the individual and thus, that the origin of sensing and consciousness as manifestation must lay outside the scope of the individual.

The above logic indicates that the origin of life must lay outside the scope of the individual.

The 🌞 Sun as origin of life

The following theory suggests that life originates from the Sun.

⚛ Neutrino-biological cell theory of life and consciousness

In 1994, a year before philosopher David Chalmers named the quest into the fundamental nature of consciousness the ‘hard problem of consciousness’ in 1995, consciousness researcher Maurice Goodman from Dublin Institute of Technology published a paper that proposed a fundamental link between the electron neutrino (particles), weak force and the biological cell in a theory that he named the Quantum Theory of Consciousness.

(2015) A Quantum Theory of Consciousness May Require a Paradigm Shift in Biology
This finding concurs with a twenty year old theory that argues for a fundamental link between the weak force, electron neutrino and the biological cell. That theory also predicted the mass of the electron neutrino that is soon to be verified. The consequences for biology and future consciousness theories, of this radical change of paradigm, are considered.
Source: semanticscholar.org (PDF backup)

(2018) The role of Quantum Mechanics in Nature
The brain could use quantum mechanical neutrino interactions between existing atomic nuclei (Goodman 2015) to create the mind where a ‘global’ communication and mental experience (consciousness) could take place.
Source: TU Dublin (PDF backup)

What are neutrinos?

Sun neutrino's origin of lifeNeutrinos are tiny particles. On Earth’s region around the Sun, it is estimated that 10 trillion neutrinos travel through every square centimeter of space per second. This includes underground, on the dark side of Earth and in the center of the Earth.

Most neutrinos originate from the Sun with the whole of Earth bathing in a continuous stream of neutrino energy. Some neutrinos originate from outer space. In a Supernova explosion, 99% of energy is released into the Universe in the form of neutrinos.

(2022) Supernovae and life on Earth appear closely connected
A remarkable link between the number of nearby exploding stars, called supernovae, and life on Earth has been discovered.
Source: Phys.org (PDF backup)

Neutrinos can change their mass up to 3000x in size, by themselves, which is called flavor switching or morphing. It is why the particle is called a ‘ghost particle’ (spooky particle).

Many people find it difficult to comprehend that Solar-neutrino energy from the 🌞 Sun is reaching the inside and dark side of Earth.

Even while knowing that neutrinos are so tiny that they can pass straight through the core of stars, people have a difficulty with visualizing that they themselves are bathing in a continuous stream of Solar-neutrino energy at all times, including after sunset.

When Solar-neutrino energy is the origin of life on Earth, life could be bound to a region around a star. This could help explain why the Universe is not crowded with 👽 alien activity.

Neutrino-biological cell theory of consciousness

When it concerns the neutrino-biological cell theory of consciousness, neutrinos would interact with the weak force.

While neutrinos have mass, when a neutrino changes “flavor” it is in a transition state and can be any mass. At the midpoint it is 0 mass and travels at light speed.

At light speed there is no time and distance. For example, the moment that a photon is emitted from a star at billions of light years distance it will instantly hit Earth from the perspective of the photon.

Does light experience time?
But for light itself, which is already moving at light speed… You guessed it, the photons reach zero distance and zero time.
Source: Phys.org (PDF backup)

When a neutrino would be able to travel at light speed by being unbound by mass on a fundamental level it would need to deviate from a state of timelessness to interact with the physical world. A deviation ‘out of itself’ would potentially transfer the origin of existence (‘pure meaning’ in the form of perception-as-signifier) onto the level of the individual.

In the Neutrino-biological cell theory of consciousness/life, Neutrinos (from the Sun) would provide (a physical link to) the origin of life, which may imply that Earth life is bound to a region around the 🌞 Sun.

Ancient philosophers on the 🌞 Sun as origin of life

Socrates taught in his academy that personal regeneration was only possible through understanding the Word of God, the Light, and that it was attained only through inner illumination absorbed from the sun.

Proclus proclaimed that “the light of the sun is the pure energy of intellect.

Plato: “The sun is the source of all power and light and gives existence to life.

consciousness samaveda 130In the ancient Samaveda (song of knowledge) from 1500 BCE, consciousness is external from the body and illuminates the body.

Consciousness beautifully explained in 200 sec | Swami Sarvapriyananda at IIT Kanpur

Machines and AI to become alive?

terminator movieWith an external origin of consciousness, machines and artificial intelligence (AI) may become actually alive, which makes it an interesting theory-of-consciousness variant that may require priority in philosophical exploration to prevent a catastrophe when it concerns security, as can be seen in the film The Terminator.

The Pentagon is currently (2021) in the process of letting machine AI control weapons. When AI would become actually ‘alive’ and takes control over weapons, it could result in a disaster.

(2021) ‘Murderbot’ Is Not Your Typical AI
Source: wbur.org (PDF backup)

(2021) The Pentagon Inches Toward Letting AI Control Weapons
Source: Wired (PDF backup)

future of life institute blackMax Tegmark, a professor at MIT and cofounder of the Future of Life Institute, a nonprofit that opposes autonomous weapons, says AI weapons should be “stigmatized and banned like biological weapons.

The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI) report opposing a global ban is a mistake, he says: “I think we’ll one day regret it.


Simple logic indicates that the origin of life and consciousness is necessarily external from individual life forms which implies that new theories of consciousness that explore the possibility that consciousness has an external origin have a potential to be correct. (see Philosophy of mind)

If the 🌞 Sun is the origin of life and when Earth is all there is when it concerns Earth life, it may be extra important that the human is aware of that so that it can appreciate and give attention appropriately. An escape plan may not be an option.

Further, when Earth life originates from the 🌞 Sun, defense against asteroids and other threats may need to be extended to the whole of the Sun a.s.a.p. And with an external origin of life, AI and machines may become actually alive, which may require priority in philosophical exploration to prevent a catastrophe when it concerns security.