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According to various sources, the terror attack in Norway in 2011 was carried out by NATO.

After the terror attack the former Prime Minister of Norway (2005-2013), mr. Jens Stoltenberg, became Secretary General of NATO (highest function).


It is suspicious that the former prime minister of Norway became the head of NATO.

NATO was present in a secret spy operation in Oslo since 18 months before the terror attack in 2011.

18 months before the terror attack, NATO started to recruit retired Norwegian police officers (including Oslo’s former anti-terror head) for SIMAS Surveillance Detection Units (SDU), “operating outside of” Norwegian government control. Norwegian Justice Minister Knut Storberget later said he was not informed of the presence of the NATO spy unit in Oslo.

The office of mr. Jens Stoltenberg in Oslo was specifically targeted and blew up.

(2011) Deadly blast rocks prime minister’s office in Oslo
Source: France24

Shortly before the terror attack, Norway had decided to withdraw from the NATO bombing coalition to bomb Libya in 2011, which the Netherlands had already done shortly before.

Norway’s independent pro-Arab foreign policy and the rejection of the NATO bombing coalition against Libya, along with that of the Netherlands, could have led to several countries being dragged into an anti-war policy.

(2021) The secret Norwegian peace talks that nearly prevented Libya’s 2011 civil war
The confidential Norwegian-brokered peace talks were the closest the world to come to a peaceful end to Libya’s 2011 civil war.
Source: The Independent (PDF backup)

After the terror attack in Oslo in 2011, Norway actively participated in the Libya war and dropped the most bombs of all countries (WikiPedia), over 600 bombs in total, with which many civilians in Libya were killed.

(2021) NATO Killed Civilians in Libya. It’s Time to Admit It.
Source: Foreign Policy (PDF backup)

Several critical questions about the terror attack in 2011 remain unanswered.

  1. eye witnesses testified that there were multiple shooters. They also clearly describe the person that they had seen.
  2. just 48 hours before the bombing in Oslo, police units were engaged in terrorist bombing exercises near what would later be ‘ground zero.’. Special elite police unit concluded training for near identical scenario just minutes before the bomb attack.

Mr. Jens Stoltenberg’s official response after the terror attack:

“No one will bomb us to silence. No one will shoot us to silence. No one will ever scare us away from being Norway. You will not destroy us. You will not destroy our democracy or our ideals for a better world.” – Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg

During the Cold War, NATO carried out terrorist attacks in European cities under the name Operation Gladio, for which left-wing groups were falsely blamed. The attacks were intended to create an atmosphere of fear.

Paranormal visions

I have had several paranormal visions related to the former Prime Minister of Norway (2005-2013) mr. Jens Stoltenberg.

After the terror attack in Norway, I had a bad sense about mr. Jens Stoltenberg (a kind of hatred towards me / the critical blog, which I accepted and respected as a disagreement regarding psychiatry, but that still seemed suspicious and strange. I thought I might not understand the culture of Norway, but it was a strangely inhumane and an unyielding hostility.

I never suspected anything in a serious sense about mr. Jens Stoltenberg (a mere awkward result after an evaluation of a sense was all, and later a few times a repeated sense that he was ‘topical’ again out of the blue, causing me to label him but still seeking the origin with psychiatry), until I learned around March 2021 that mr. Jens Stoltenberg became the head of NATO.

NATO in the hotel of a relative 

In 2015 there were NATO people that stayed in the same hotel as me. The hotel had 6 rooms and I and the 2 NATO people were the only guests.

The hotel is owned by a relative. There is an indication that something was off. For example, I paranormally overheard my sister one night as she drove in a car onto the property, saying in a response to her boyfriend “they just want to kill him“. A day later an absurd event happened in the relational sphere and I was moved out of the hotel.

My sister’s boyfriend threw me out of the hotel and screamed in the hotel hallway “You’re leaving!“. The reason: I had declined to continue talks with a particular CEO for one of my projects. He wanted to invest, but I had my reasons for rejecting that offer, which I communicated clearly and decently. The technology was not yet ready and it would be better to first build a good prototype and then talk to bigger investors, a simple and wise choice from my perspective, and certainly not a reason to get angry.

When I had packed my belongings and said goodbye to my sister, she remained calm and emotionless staring at her laptop. I asked her “you have nothing to say?” and then I departed. My sister was cold-blooded while she is normally quite emotional. She didn’t seem to have a bad feeling about my leaving, even though it was an absurd situation.

My sister’s boyfriend studied at an elite management school in America and stayed at home with politicians in Washington. He made an extra special connection with each guest in the hotel and is connected with many top people.

Prime Minister of Norway ‘topical again’

Looking back, I several times had the sense that somehow Jens Stoltenberg was ‘topical’ again. For me it was a kind of ‘potential hindrance’ which I put in the box ‘someone with a more serious urge to defend psychiatry‘. At one time, I saw a team of evil barbarian agents, in conjunction with Jens Stoltenberg, watching how to attack me in the city of Utrecht while I was bicycling there.

When deducing the intention behind that sense, I could only think of the idea that the intention was to defend psychiatry. It resulted in a note with the question “why such malice if it were about psychiatry?“.

In retrospect, Jens Stoltenberg was already the director of NATO at the time of the paranormal sense.

Murder of a childhood friend

On July 28, 2015 there was a major international NATO event (called by Turkey) and I sensed (I saw the intention of some top people flocking) that some people at that event ‘wanted to do something against me‘. 8 days later, one of my childhood friends drove off the road with his motorcycle.

I had a very strong paranormal vision in which a vision of my childhood friend came towards me with a great force. At that time, I walked from the kitchen to the office garden with a coffee. I initially thought that the ‘influence’ came from bad people and immediately tried to suppress it. It was such a strong force, I actually put my arm up high and bucked down in a sort of move to protect myself from it, as part of the response to ‘suppress’ it. It was not until later that it became clear that the vision was of a childhood friend, and from what I had seen I knew that something had been done to him.

In retro-perspective I had seen much more by which I knew for certain that something had been done to him. For example, I saw my friend earlier that day. I saw him standing in front of a football stadium, as if he were being watched. I saw him from a third party perspective. Then he started driving and later I received the strong paranormal vision. I also thought to have noticed the face expression of someone that attacked him (a derogatory perspective towards my friend).

I found the obituary via Google some time later, and read what had happened to him.

Motive for murder

  • On July 15, 2015, I actively sought awareness for the pilots of Air India 113 and the lying by India’s ministry, regarding the shooting down of MH17. (see this email as proof)
  • On July 28, 2015, a major NATO event was called by Turkey. I sensed at the time that some people at that event “wanted to do something against me.”
  • On August 5, 2015, one of my childhood friends drove off the road.

NATO poster Arnhem 2015Because of the paranormal vision, I initially did a quick search and found a page on the website of NATO ( with a poster advertising an event in the city Arnhem on the day that my friend drove off the road in Arnhem: 5 august 2015. The time of the post is 11:14 and the number ’14’ returns in the terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand, that is linked to the Utrecht attack by the president of Turkey.

Source: (PDF backup)

MH17 airplane attack

On July 17, 2014, the day of the MH17 airplane attack, I was at work when I suddenly had a paranormal vision of two people talking on the phone. One was by definition unknown and would remain so, the other was ‘not yet visible’. I had no idea at the time what I had to do with it. Then one of the callers withdrew in frustration and powerlessness, then glanced in my direction with the expression “you did it, you rascal” (mocking) as he withdrew. It was the same expression of Russian president Putin that I had seen several times before. Some time later I heard Dutch people shout “What can we do? What can we do?” and later that day I learned about the MH17 airplane attack.

I have helped to critically examine the MH17 airplane attack. Shortly after the attack (a few days later), during a first search in Google, the first result was an article in a major newspaper in India about the fact that the pilots of the Indian flight Air India 113, shortly before the shooting down of MH17, heard over the radio that MH17 was given a deviated flight path by Ukraine air traffic control, a direct line to the location where the plane was shot down, which was suspicious according to investigators in India. In addition, major (official) newspapers in India claimed that the Indian government had been caught lying and attempting to cover up the truth.

Air India 113 has never been mentioned in the media (0 mentions). I then decided to focus on drawing attention on behalf of the Indian pilots and journalists who were so courageous to stand for truth.

An Air India flight was near MH17: Technology nails Indian Ministry’s lie
Source: Firstpost India (PDF backup)

Air India flight was 90 seconds away when Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down
Source: The Times of India (PDF backup)

Spanish air traffic controller confirms Air India 113’s report

(2021) The MH 17 False Flag
MH17 had been rerouted over a combat region by air traffic controllers in Kiev, according to a Spanish air traffic controller named “Carlos.” Soon afterward, a media smear campaign against this individual began, claiming Russia paid him to lie. Part of his story was that two Su25 aircraft operated by the Kiev regime had trailed the Malaysian airlines Boeing.
Source: Veterans Today (PDF backup)

(2014) U.S. Intelligence Vets Criticize Obama for Peddling Weak MH17 Evidence
Source: Gawker (PDF backup)

NATO denies access to satellite images

Ukraine was a war front and NATO had placed several new satellites. It recently emerged that NATO has continued to deny to provide the Netherlands with satellite images for the MH17 investigation (the Netherlands never had access). There are testimonies that claim that MH17 was shot down by a fighter jet.

View MH17 case

Utrecht Attack

In 2019 there was a terrorist attack in Utrecht on the 24 October Square (founding date of the United Nations).

On the day before the attack, I had a very strong vision of the Dutch king and a group of approximately 50 men in a dark atmosphere, which appeared to be NATO.

The king stood in front of the group, had a red band on the top of his cap and when the group of men said something to him, he agreed, looked in my direction and the red band on his cap began to glow intensely. I couldn’t see the men. I only heard the sound of low men’s voices as a sort of muttering and it had a direct effect on the king turning back and looking in my direction by way of agreement.

Since the king agreed in the vision I decided to stay away from it.

After the attack on my home in 2019, I shared the paranormal vision on the day before the terrorist attack in Utrecht on a Belgian forum for the purpose of providing transparency about an event that may have been related to the absurd attack on my home, since I only had that vision as a lead for a possible explanation. It was the first time that I shared information with regard a paranormal vision.

I discovered that the president of Turkey shared a video of the terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand shortly before the attack in Utrecht.

Attack in Utrecht: the Erdogan connection?
Source: (PDF backup)

According to various sources, the terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand was a staged event. The perpetrator is said to have entered New Zealand from Turkey.

Christchurch Truth (PDF backup)

The perpetrator of the mass shooting in Utrecht was Turkish. A local businessman told the BBC that the perpetrator had previously fought in the Russian republic of Chechnya. He went on to say that the perpetrator was arrested and later released because of his connections to the Islamic State (ISIS).

According to a source, Islamic jihadists are sent to Chechnya by NATO to fight for financial interests.

NATO’s Secret Islamic Jihad in Chechnya
Oil and the struggle for Chechnya and the important role of Turkey
Source: (PDF backup)

View Utrecht attack case

Origin of a ‘personal attack’ motive by the head of NATO

I never suspected anything in a serious sense about Jens Stoltenberg (a mere awkward result after an evaluation of a sense was all, and later a few times a repeated sense that he was ‘topical’ again out of the blue, causing me to label him but still seeking the origin with psychiatry), until I learned around March 2021 that Jens Stoltenberg became head of NATO.

I have not been involved in activism or investigation of NATO or Jens Stoltenberg.

As can be seen in the email that I sent on July 15, 2015, my participation with regard the investigation of the MH17 airplane attack had been decent.

I recently asked the following questions to a Green Party politician in America who is now director of an organization.

With regard the truth about the 9/11 attack. Would it be possible to share your motive to be involved?

I became a political activist in the wake of watching the film JFK and doing research on the CIA. I was outraged and felt I should do something to challenge a policy which tortures, kills, and terrorizes people.

Would it be possible to describe the favorable outcome of your work?

Just raising consciousness and awareness. At this point, hopefully more people will not buy all the propaganda deluging us on Covid19. If you were at our website, you will see that we did include a talk and film on Covid19 in our last big annual event.

Our mission statement is- to seek and disseminate truths about the terrible crimes committed on September 11, 2001, exposing gaps and deceptions in the official story. Our goal is to inspire more eyewitness revelations, truthful media coverage, and a movement that will bring the responsible criminals to justice and eliminate governmental and corporate policies that enable criminal elements to commit such acts.”

In the case that the Government has performed the attack, what would (or should) it imply?

I think it implies that our government IS a terrorist organization. While, we are mere citizens; we should not condone or support its more murderous activities. Although, I think the guns are now being pointed at us.

Most people would like to put their head in the sand and are obediently going along with the manufactured reality blasted at them constantly by the media.

It sounds like you have crossed some line to be a target in the Great Game…

I replied with the following, displaying my perspective.

With regard the declaration of the Government as a ‘terrorist organization’. While I understand that it is a natural aim or goal, from the perspective of results it may be best to have a clear vision of how it should be.

The idea that the Government is a terrorist organization may not lead to favorable results.

A saying in Russia is “a fish rots from the top down“.

Such a wisdom translated to the general nature of people makes it logical that people are inclined to denounce information that promote the idea that the Government is a terrorist organization. People (in general) logically are ought (or feel inclined) to do what matters for maintaining a peaceful mind, which is essential for stability and progress.

Is ‘truth’ more important than what matters for prosperous existence of individual humans and people? Without the (terrorist) Government, what ‘truth’ would there be left to be important for them?

To remove the potential for contention, the higher purpose of people will need to be served.

I understand that from the perspective of investigative journalism, one simply intends to fulfill his/her job as good as possible and unmasking truth is in a sense the highest purpose, while one humbly withholds from telling people how they should live or think.

To achieve results with regard to ‘prevention of terrorism‘, it may be important to discover the root of the fact that the Government performed terrorism.

I recently read the following:

There is an old saying in Washington that the cover-up is worse than the crime.

Conventional wisdom in Washington has it that the cover-up is always worse than the crime.

This appears to be evidence that a certain morality within the Government is likely to be possible. One then simply needs to find the root of the problem, which may provide insights for experts of how it can be ensured that the Government follows a righteous path.

Yours Sincerely,

Questions that interest me and explain my position:

  1. Is “truth” more important than a peaceful state of mind?
  2. If not, what does that mean with regard to (the potential for) morality in politics?


An early motive to personally attack me, even before the MH17 airplane attack, may have originated from Jens Stoltenberg or an ideology, acting completely on it’s own since I am actually neutral (no politics, ideology or religion).