Twitter ban mystery

On August 23, 2020 Twitter account @purecssart was created for the art gallery CSS-ART.COM.

The account posted a first tweet and later re-tweeted an artwork and was banned shortly after. The account has been banned since.

twitter ban of CSS-ART.COM

Why was the Twitter account banned?

After a mysterious ban of a WordPress optimization plugin, and later a mysterious attack on my home, an investigation that followed discovered that most of the events most likely originate from the intent to enforce eugenics on Nature (GMO and Nazi-ideology).

is neutral (no ideological, political or religious motives). The critical questioning of eugenics is philosophical of nature.

CSS-ART.COM was started as a crowd sourced test environment and has fulfilled its function. The art gallery is visited by thousands of people per week from +170 countries.

More info is available on Github.