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The page is part of a philosophical article about Eugenics on Nature (GMO).

Eugenics on Nature (GMO or synthetic biology) is a multi-trillion USD movement in agriculture, industry and science.

The question that this page addresses is the following:

Who will speak for the plants and animals?

GM: science out of control 170 – Last update: 2016

The website provides an online overview with resources and initiatives.

Last update: 2016. (6 years ago as of 2022)

The last article from 2016 is about a Cornell University student and his Squarespace website That website is cancelled and offline.

A search for ‘anti GMO’ in Google provides a 2018 article (PDF backup) on the website of Cornell University. It starts with the statement that Russian trolls, aided by anti-GMO groups, have been successful in sowing doubt about science.

anti GMO in Google

An alternative to is that is regularly updated.

Don’t give up on Nature!

A plant or animal cannot speak for itself.

After clicking around on to visit the websites of Anti-GMO groups it was discovered that many of the websites are offline or show a last update time of more than 10 years ago.

Meanwhile, synthetic biology has been growing fast. In 2017, the amount of money made from GMO accounted for about 2% of American GDP ($400 billion USD revenue).

Big Pharma becomes Big Biotech for multi-trillion USD growth

In 2019, Big Pharma as an industry was already investing more than $1 trillion USD per year in synthetic biology ($1,000 billion USD per year). Big Pharma has been funneling their money to GMO.

(2019) Big pharma raises bet on biotech as frontier for growthBiotechnology is already a bigger business than many people realize. Rob Carlson of Bioeconomy Capital, an investment company, calculates that money made from creatures which have been genetically engineered accounted for about 2% of American GDP in 2017.
Source: Financial Times (

With humans, Big Pharma had to endure a certain scrutiny. Severe fraud and corruption still happened but there was a level of oversight.

Despite the scrutiny when working with humans, the corruption for financial motives went far. Some time ago it was revealed that the publisher of The Lancet (Elsevier) published 6 fake scientific journals for pharmaceutical companies, to mislead scientists and doctors in the financial interest of companies.

Elsevier The LancetReputational damage for medical publisher Elsevier, which publishes The Lancet, among others. Last week the Dutch-English company admitted that from 2000 to 2005 it had published six fake journals that were issued for scientific journals. In reality, they were marketing magazines paid for by pharmaceutical companies. The papers published in Australia had names such as Australasian Journal of General Practice and Australasian Journal of Bone & Joint Medicine. The magazines look solid, also because the name Elsevier is prominent on the front page and the sponsor’s name is not.

Companies serve a short term financial profit motive with a simple mindset: “if you don’t do it, another company will. Either take a billion USD extra or lose the fight to survive.“.

Let on the loose on plants and animals

With medicine, humans are involved and there are pretty strong ethical forces at play.

What if companies are let on the loose for a synthetic biology revolution? The potential for damage may be much greater as there will logically be less control and oversight.

Making money on disease creates an incentive to promote disease with chronic disease as the ideal situation.

With their massive often ill gotten funds, Big Pharma invests into Biotechnology to secure further growth, directly affecting billions of plants and animals on earth, of creatures that may posses of meaningful experience.

The idea that plants and animals are meaningless lumps of matter is not plausible for diverse reasons.

If plants and animals are to posses of meaningful experience then they are to be considered meaningful within a context that can be denoted as ‘vitality of Nature’ or Nature’s bigger whole (Gaia Philosophy), of which the human is a part and of which the human intends to be a prosperous part.

From that perspective, a base level of respect (morality) may be essential for Nature to prosper.

The origin of the synthetic biology industry may be corruption for a large part.

Who will speak for the plants and animals?

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As of today, didn’t make a penny of money or personal advantage with the efforts to address issues such as Eugenics on Nature (GMO). On the contrary, he had to endure unnatural slander and his home, personal belongings and businesses were destroyed, resulting in significant losses.

While making money isn’t an interest of , the outlook on continued harassment and destructive actions from GMO proponents (much of Big Business today) does make things more difficult.

With dedicated funding, efforts to critically examine and address issues from a 100% independent perspective, can be enhanced.

With a business background, can create new initiatives to critically, honestly and neutrally address the issue of eugenics on nature (GMO or synthetic biology revolution).

It is also possible to invest and own an online initiative or service for the protection of Nature. can help with the invention of concepts to protect Nature.

is located in the Netherlands (Europe).

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