The goal of is to promote advancements in philosophy of mind, origin of life, consciousness and morality.

Based on experienced paranormal visions, the contribution of the project is from the angle of making a case for serious consideration of metaphysics and what can be considered paranormal from a human perspective (meaning).

On the origin of Life, Mind, and Truth” essentially describes the focus point of . The project is dedicated to fundamental philosophy and the following questions:

  1. Why does life exist?
  2. What can explain consciousness and mind?
  3. What is ‘truth’?
  4. What fundamental philosophy can serve ‘morality’ to secure prosperity of humanity into the far future?

is dedicated to promote advancements in philosophy of mind, life, consciousness and fundamental philosophy on behalf of morality.

History and personal story

is author of a Dutch critical blog on psychiatry named Zielenknijper.nl. The blog was neutral (no politics, ideology or religion) and it explored the edge of reason. The blog was closed in 2015 and was visited by over 2 million people.

Around the time of the critical blog he (co-)owned the following businesses:

  • optimalisatie.nl (optimization.com in Dutch), a performance optimization company.
  • pagespeed.pro a company dedicated to pioneering optimization technology.
  • I City city marketing platform with +500,000 readers and +200 social media editors.
  • e-scooter.co promotion of clean mobility for healthy air quality in cities.

Personal attacks

Investigative reporter Robert Whitaker (MadInAmerica.com) once wrote to me that psychiatrists that speak to critically will be ‘destroyed’. The primary tactic of psychiatry proved to be to ‘attack’ and destroy people when they questioned psychiatry and that was clearly visible in many cases.

As a complete outsider, psychiatry could not easily harm me but ultimately I did get to endure attacks which includes lowly attacks on my businesses and on my home in 2019.

monsantoThe investigation into the fundamental nature of psychiatry led me to the correlated subject Eugenics on Nature (GMO and Nazi ideology) which caused Big Tech, Big Pharma, many fortune 500 companies and with it many politicians to corrupt.

Leaked documents on WikiLeaks.org show that the US government planned to punish opponents of GMO with “retaliation and pain“.

GM: science out of control 110WikiLeaks: US targets opponents of GM crops: “Eat GMOs! or We’ll Cause Pain”
Wikileaks reveals plans for those who refuse GMO crops. The cables show US diplomats working directly for GM companies such as Monsanto and Bayer.
Source: The Guardian (PDF backup)

Attack by NATO for GMO?

The addressing of Eugenics and Nazi ideology may have caused the former prime minister of Norway, mr. Jens Stoltenberg, to attempt to personally attack me. After the terrorist attack in Norway he became Secretary General of NATO (the highest function) and there are indications that the terrorist attack in Norway was performed by NATO. (see NATO-case)

  • NATO in the hotel of a relative in 2015 (suspicious) [ view ]
  • NATO (mr. Jens Stoltenberg) related paranormal premonitions [ view ]

Underhand death threat linked to GMO

In 2021 the attack on my home in Utrecht was followed by an underhand death threat that shows a link with GMO.

In the months before an orchestrated underhand death threat at an eco-event in the city Utrecht, the Netherlands in March 2021, a business contact from USA had paranormally expressed the intention “I will shoot you down” and “I’ll shoot” (in Dutch), using a word that matches the word used in the death threat at the eco-event (details), which was not a first choice word, especially when it concerns young women.

is co-founder of a popular eco-project for clean air in cities, www.e-scooter.co.

Feeding America: hunger story end itDuring the time that the business contact from USA expressed the intent ‘I will shoot you down‘ for months, Google has been showing ads about hunger in America that were also showing for months, sometimes 3+ ads on 1 page, on many diverse websites. The ads would sometimes persist a full day, which made it remarkable.

There are strong indications that the ads were related to the business contact from USA.

The business contact from USA was certainly something very bad. During an attack on my home in 2019 I repeatedly had a paranormal impression of the same person each time that the landlord came to me with something. This started after an absurd slander attack in 2018.

There are indications that the attack on my home was an attempted murder.

coca cola logo and sneaky GMO TV ad

Fortune 500 company Rabobank, a bank dedicated to ‘food security’ (GMO), attempted to corrupt with a sneaky national TV ad regarding GMO in Coca Cola that incited anger from Coca Cola directed towards me. This may have caused a severe issue with Coca Cola. Rabobank attacked my business in 2015.

In the years after the TV ad, Coca Cola was almost continuously advertised on national TV next to brand Heineken (beer).

In February 2021 there were Brazilian Coca Cola video ads (Google AdSense) on www.e-scooter.co that showed an almost identical TV ad of a Brazilian group of friends, drinking cola and eating pop corn in front of a TV, and then a big spider crawling in the high corner of the room after which the group of people started to scream in fear, after which the ad ended.

It was striking that Coca Cola video advertisements were shown. After all, I am not a user of the product and my IP is known to Google. I do not view websites in Portuguese (Brazilian) language. The video started to play automatically.


The primary origin of the attacks on my businesses and home is Eugenics on Nature (GMO and Nazi-ideology).

pant philosophyMy arguments with regards Eugenics on Nature are available in the following article:

Eugenics on Nature


is dedicated to promote advancements in philosophy of mind, origin of life, consciousness and fundamental philosophy on behalf of morality.

Attacks on my business and home

has reported about Eugenics on Nature (GMO) and a poison dump by oil company Trafigura BV using the critical blog Zielenknijper.nl that was read by +2 million readers which resulted in an attack on my business and in 2019, on my home in the city Utrecht, the Netherlands.

All contents of my home was destroyed with air pollution (PM2.5 500 µg/m³), I was subjected to absurd disrespectful behavior, slander and violence and I lost my home due to corruption of Justice.

I am founder of e-scooter.co, a project that promotes healthy air quality in cities and I am founder of a I City city marketing project with +500,000 readers and +200 social media editors.

I am a very decent person, am passionate about fitness and health and my 14+ housemates were on my side. The attack on my home was perceived as ‘absurd’.

View attack on my 🏠 home case

It is clear that the Dutch fortune 500 bank Rabobank with its headquarter in Utrecht, the Netherlands must have been involved in the attack on both my business and home.

Rabobank is dedicated to food security (GMO) and is the top financing partner of oil company Trafigura BV which CEO ordered to dump a tanker of toxic waste in the ocean.

Rabobank is known as ‘farmers bank’ and has adapted the slogan “Growing a better world together“. The bank presents itself as an environmentally friendly bank and in 2017 the bank won the “Green Bond Award”.

Rabobank invested into my business to sabotage it. Then in 2019, they destroyed my home and belongings and there are indications that it was an attempted murder.

Personal history

Paranormal dream: a vision 20 years into the future

When I was 15 years old I once went to sleep early and shortly before I went to sleep I saw a sort of part of Nature.

That night I had a very strange dream in which I saw my future for +20 years and I woke while stuck in a strange mental disposition as if I experienced a lot of time in a single sort of memory and had trouble to return to ‘current time’.

It was a onetime experience. I would never experience something similar again.

Many aspects of the dream have ultimately turned out to have occurred. The visions from the dream were no exact visuals, but the ‘meaning’ of the visions were matching with what had occurred.

Vision before the dream

Sun neutrino's origin of lifeThe vision shortly before I went to sleep showed a stream of particles accompanied by a sort of sound (in retro perspective comparable by the unintelligible combined voice of thousands of people sharing an emotion) by which it could be deduced that the particles were alive, and which was perceived to express the quality ‘pure happiness’, and it was moving faster and faster by which it was perceived as if I was taken on a journey by ‘it’.

The vision came to me, as if with some intention to drive it, and I did not seek it. The main characteristic of what I saw and heard was ‘pure happiness’.


I was not at all involved with paranormal or spiritual matters and I was a pretty down to earth guy. I had a lot of friends and I was mostly occupied with for example bicycling to school (15km) in a t-shirt while it freezed -10. I was a very stable person and mentally very strong.

Details of the dream

One of the aspects of the vision was a room above a store in a big city like New York, where I lived, that exploded like in a Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. It has been the reason that I didn’t take the dream serious. I always wondered how that vision could possibly become reality (and hoping that it wouldn’t).

I did end up living in a room in the city center of a city similar to New York (Utrecht, the Netherlands). It was a room above a store, matching that of the vision, and it did ‘blow up’, although merely figuratively so. The room was located directly in front of the Parapsychology Institute of the Netherlands.

An aspect of the specific vision of the room for example, is that after the explosion, I could see fine details of each tiny bit landing onto the ground with as specific characteristic, increasing clarity. It was as if I could see fine dust of the explosion and know where it would fall. It was as if time slowed and I was watching each particle until it had landed.

I investigated the MH17 airplane attack as a forerunner and it has resulted in a threat situation and personal attacks, which includes an attack on my room in the city center.

Other more subtle and personal aspects of the dream have provided evidence for me that the visions of the dream were actually matching what I later experienced in the +20 years that followed.

The dream contained chronological context information, confirming that the content of the dream actually matched my future experience.

Explanation or meaning of dream
  1. I lived in a village that was the center stage of WWII and yearly veterans from USA and UK would visit.
  2. I was a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger movies and the vision was around the time that the well known Terminator movie was new.

Perhaps the vision was intended to provide a warning that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machines may become actually alive. (see Philosophy of Mind)

Why did I experience the vision? I do not know. (I was a regular guy, absolutely not interested in anything paranormal)

Exploration of the ‘paranormal’

When I was 16-17 years old I explored the subject ‘paranormal’ for the first time.

A neighbor, the female life-partner of a police officer couple, was paranormally gifted and founded the website ‘paranormal.com’ (in Dutch) that I helped to setup as the technical expert friend. I often helped the neighbors with watching their children and with gardening and had a close relation, but I didn’t believe in paranormal matters and simply maintained a respectful position towards people that do.

I started to try to experience an ‘out of body’ experience once but that was unsuccessful and I then intended to leave my ‘exploration of the paranormal’ at that. Shortly after however, before I went to sleep, I looked at a small poster of Posh Spice girl and then dreamed about meeting her while she was walking on an airport, which was an intense experience. I was taken with her to an event. When I woke, the poster had partly fallen off the wall (while it had been hanging there for months). This was about the most paranormal event that had happened to me from my perspective at that time, having forgotten about the dream of which I then had no evidence yet that it would have contained content that would match events in my future.

A little later in life in my early twenties I addressed the topic ‘paranormal’ once again and I then decided that it was unhealthy and that I instead would stick to the normal. It was a personal choice.

I never really returned to the subject paranormal experience again. At times that I had a paranormal premonition of any sort, I would consider that it might be logic based and perhaps useful for consideration as such, but otherwise not noteworthy. Considering my natural strength in logical reasoning, and my natural tendency to explore as much perspectives possible on any subject matter (because of which I am a neutral person), it could explain a ‘vision’ on the basis of unconscious results of logical processing.

I considered my greatest strength or gift to be logic and theoretical reasoning. At 16-17 years of age I often went to sleep and woke with complete comprehension of diverse subjects. My dream at that age was to one day solve the most complex problem with my mind.

Critical examination of psychiatry

facebook coverIn discussions with several people with mental health problems via a forum, I was introduced to the fundamental theory behind psychiatry, which seemed odd and questionable to me. In a reply to a girl with a depression I shared the following logic:

If life were to be good as it was, there would be no reason to exist.

I wondered: what is psychiatry’s ‘good intention for humanity‘ to treat the brains of millions of people against depressive emotions? Logically, without the potential for depression there is no potential for euphoria. My idea: a depression-euphoria system may be vital to drive people towards success.

A quest began. I followed the news via Google Alerts.

What I learned from reply’s from psychiatrists and professors of psychiatry was the following: “we simply focus on treating a disease and we don’t think much further“, which seemed strange to me when it concerns the brains of millions of people.

In tests with an active placebo, a fake pill with a side effect by which the user feels that ‘something happens’ in their body, 100% of the patients with a severe clinical depression recovered just as well as with antidepressants. That proved that merely a ‘belief’ in a pill could make someone recover from a severe depression. From my perspective it would be essential for the future of humanity to enable people to make use of that potential.

Effectiveness of antidepressants: an evidence myth constructed from a thousand randomized trials?
Prof. dr. John P. A. Ioannidis – source: https://philpapers.org/rec/JOHEOA-2

REVU killer pillsAntidepressants had many suspicious side effects, causing DNA damage in sperm, birth defects, children to be born with a weak heart, infertility, among other things. Also, antidepressants were causing suicide and violence according to several studies. Some magazines were boldly publishing covers with the title “Killer Pills”. Many professors were raising the alarm.

This excluded the possible excuse that psychiatrists were misleading people for good.

Similar ‘coincidental’ effects started to emerge in many area’s of psychiatry, hinting at eugenics (racial hygiene).

Eugenics and the Nazi holocaust

Research into the history of psychiatry revealed that the Nazi holocaust originated from psychiatry.

The idea behind eugenics – racial hygiene – that led to the Nazi holocaust was supported by Universities around the world. It started with an idea that was not naturally defensible and that was thought to require trickery and deceit. It resulted in a demand for people with the capabilities of Nazis.

The famous German holocaust scholar Ernst Klee has described the situation as follows:

The Nazis didn’t need psychiatry, it was the other way around, psychiatry needed the Nazis.

20 years before the Nazi party was founded German psychiatry started with the organized murder of psychiatric patients through starvation diets and they continued until 1949. In America, psychiatry started with mass sterilization programs and similar programs have also taken place in several European countries. The Holocaust began with the murder of more than 300,000 psychiatric patients.

Critical American psychiatrist Dr. Peter R. Breggin has researched it for years and says the following about it:

Yet, while the Allied victory had ended the deaths in the concentration camps, the psychiatrists, convinced of their own goodness, had continued their macabre murder task after the war ended. After all, they argued, “euthanasia” was not Hitler’s war policy, but a medical policy of organized psychiatry.

The patients were killed for their own good as well as that of the community.

It caused me to address the topic eugenics, racial hygiene and correspondingly, GMO and genetic engineering (eugenics on Nature).

Eugenics today

Eugenics is an emergent topic in recent years. In 2019 a group of over 11,000 scientists argued that eugenics can be used to reduce world population.

(2020) The eugenics debate isn’t over – but we should be wary of people who claim it can reduce world population
Andrew Sabisky, a UK government adviser, recently resigned over comments supporting eugenics. Around the same time, the evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins—best known for his book The Selfish Gene—provoked controversy when tweeting that while eugenics is morally deplorable, it “would work.”
Source: Phys.org (PDF backup)

(2020) Eugenics is trending. That’s a problem.
Any attempt to reduce world population must focus on reproductive justice.
Source: Washington Post (PDF backup)

In 2014, New York Times journalist Eric Lichtblau published The Nazis Next Door: How America Became a Safe Haven for Hitler’s Men, which showed that more than 10,000 high-ranking Nazis emigrated to the United States after World War II. Their war crimes were quickly forgotten, and some received help and protection from the US government.

(2020) Is America Starting Down the Path of Nazi Germany?

I cannot express how truly sad writing this op-ed has made me. But I’m a patriotic American. And I’m an American Jew. I have studied the beginnings of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. And I can clearly see parallels with what is happening in America today.

OPEN YOUR EYES. Study what happened in Nazi Germany during the infamous Kristallnacht. The night of Nov. 9-10, 1938, marked the beginning of the Nazis’ attack on the Jews. Jewish homes and businesses were looted, desecrated and burned while the police and “good people” stood by and watched. Nazis laughed and cheered as books were burned.

Wayne Allyn Root – bestselling author and nationally syndicated talk show host on USA Radio Network

Source: Townhall.com (PDF backup)

The critical examination of psychiatry caused me to examine the origin of the Nazi ideology and eugenics, which I reduced to the idea that the facts of science are valid without philosophy or a belief in uniformitarianism. (see Eugenics on Nature)

Personal attacks

View attack on my 🏠 home case
View attack on my business by Rabobank case

is dedicated to promote advancements in philosophy of mind, life, consciousness and fundamental philosophy on behalf of morality.